NcFTP 3.2

NcFTP is an opensource totally free FTP client for multiple platforms
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NcFTP 3.2 is a cross platforms ftp command replacement for an operating system's own built-in FTP commands. It supports different Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows. This program works only from command line and shares the native FTP program with all basic features like file transferring, choosing between Ascii/Binary type of transfers, anonymous login, switching between active and passive transfers, changing file permissions. But it also has several features that don't exist in the native windows FTP commands such as adjustable reconnection delay when disconnected. Another feature is the auto resume for broken downloads. A very interesting feature is that it can show the progress during file transfers. Other unique features are the ability of working with local files/dirs and remote at the same time, bookmarking, file viewing and editing features .The most interesting feature is the background downloading/uploading and managing background jobs in real time. The program has also a limited command line calling parameters.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Better than the built-in windows FTP program


  • No user front-end
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